Aligot. Pommes aligot, mashed potatoes enriched with some cream and plenty of melted Tomme (cheese), may just be one of the finest ways Pommes Aligot Recipe. Recipe from Tasting Table Test Kitchen. Aligot, on est tous fous d'aligot !

Aligot This potato recipe is by far the cheesiest cheese pull you've ever seen! Potatoes Aligot or pommel aligot is. Pommes Aligot is more than just a cheesy twist on mashed potatoes. You can cook Aligot using 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Aligot

  1. Prepare 1 kg of pommes de terre.
  2. Prepare 400 g of tome fraîche de cantal ou d'aubrac.
  3. You need 20 cl of crème liquide entière.
  4. You need 2 gousses of d'ail.
  5. It’s of sel, poivre.

Traditionally made with the Tomme de Laguiole or Tomme d'Auvergne cheese, aligot is a French country speciality highly appreciated in the local. Последние твиты от Aligot (@aligotinfo). A classic aligot has creamy potatoes whipped up with crème fraîche, and Cantal cheese is a classic of the French kitchen and delicious with steak. Aligot is a French dish which incorporates mashed potatoes, melted cheese, cream, and crushed It is believed that aligot was invented by monks who lived in the regional monasteries and were often. Plats Au Fromage, Recette Pomme De Terre, Fromages, Morilles, Pommes, Plats Salés, Recette Conviviale, Panna Cotta, Gourmet.

Aligot instructions

  1. Eplucher les pommes de terre et les faire cuire dans l'eau en partant à froid avec les 2 goussses d'ail dégermées..
  2. Pendant ce temps coupez la tome en fine lamelles.
  3. Une fois les pommes de terre cuites, otez l'ail et réduisez les pommes de terre en purée. Remettez sur le feu en ajoutant la crème puis petit à petit la tome. Mélangez jusqu'à ce que la tome soit complètement fondue. Ajustez au besoin votre assaisonnement..

Flower: Hyacinth Familiar: Salem, the black cat. almost anything that involves potatoes and cheese. raclette, fondue, tartiflette, mont d'or, aligot. Serve sprinkled with salt and pepper and drizzled with olive oil. Tip: Aligot can be served on its own as pre-dessert or as a side dish. But calling aligot a vegetable is like calling peanut butter pie a legume. But Tomme is also made in Southern France, among the Pyrenees mountains, which is where aligot was born.